Last week until now it was enough broken story and laziness to write a rarely read, although for the sake of filling the lazy taste level just like the taste of apples and bengkoang that is only used for natural cosmetics not as a fresh consumption for the body that requires the intake of natural vitamins.

Photo by Pietro Jeng on Pexels.com

Since yesterday some people who can afford and make more money have started to go down the mountain, borrowing said Reverend Winda Aprillia who still serves his congregation on the hill until it closes on December 31, 2020. It is so hard for GKE workers when it is at the end of the year and is in a place where not everyone wants to linger, even though the scenery is quite beautiful. No wonder those of us who visit there are willing to stay in the outdoors.

Look at the stars at night, there is no expanse of scenery under the hill because everything is all virgin forest without anything open because it is still original and original.

Emptiness, a spectral color expanse that warmed and missed during the pandemic but appeared clean shine in the present.

Look there, it named by Bukit Tunjuk towering covered with green trees that give the same stare as the hills in malang area, here the streets are still footpaths and sometimes cause a creepy gothic atmosphere for the unusual. It brings a strong aroma of beauty and authenticity to explore for tourists who yearn for peace and longing for nature, just like sundanese restaurants in priangan area. True, this area is a gift of the Gods, when this area has not yet spread the joy of salvation in Christian teachings. There are still many people who have embraced various religions and maintained true togetherness such as the philosophy of betang house, a large house inhabited by many families and hereditary.

Tread the journey with a small, tired foot, resting among the rocks that are splashed with waterfalls that move harmoniously and chant the mystical tones of the universe. Refreshing body and soul that is tired because of physical activities carry out obligations and noble tasks.

Among the remaining and sturdy trees stand, producing a variety of quality and fresh forest fruits as it is far from the capital’s pollution and carbon monoxide-producing vehicles. It’s like the refrigerator in the atmosphere is spreading into a daydream biosphere.

Photo by Askar Abayev on Pexels.com

Is this really the reality among our busy schedules using a melted gadget.

I wish I could fly there, because riding in a public vehicle is too long and the road is dotted like a consultation line that only contains coordination and the words are too superficial to be interpreted as asking for a part alias ask for a commission.

Monday, December 21, 2020 in a state of rage.

How about Mrs. Winda Aprillia, anything to add?