22 desember 2020

Since the morning of December 22nd, I have been reminded of the service of a woman who has brought me into this world. Of course, this woman can’t work alone let alone be a single parent to hold me. He needs a man to bring me into this mortal world.

Yes My Father, was a strong man who shaped me into a man and eventually became until I became the father of my children today. My father died in 1998 at the age of 57. That number seems to be the target, I keep trying to get beyond that target just like the level of education I’ve put together my beloved heart who has become the mother of my children.

Mother, today is the day the sun is at the southern turning point above 23 degrees – you have been present 82 years into the world and have raised and educated us to this point. You are strong and strong in your golden age with whitening gray hair as a hair ornament that I also have today.

You remain steadfast in your old age, enjoying retirement because of the services of our husbands and fathers who are civil servants. Many experiences together to this day you have carved with us, You ask that this year’s Christmas be celebrated alone at home even though the pandemic is not over.

We agreed to it and continue to follow health protocols as regulated by the Government of the Republic of Indonesia and the Central Kalimantan Regional Government of Palangka Raya City, we still keep our distance to anyone even though he has taken a rapid swab-style antigen test and declared negative.

We still think it is better to follow physical distancing such as students majoring in Natural Sciences and Social Distacing such as students majoring in Social Sciences. Because thus we can break the chain of spread of covid 19.

Happy Mother’s Day,
My mom loves me and not my poor mom.
Because mother remains queen in our household

And to my wife, who was diligent, obedient and loyal, and astute.
you remain steadfast and strong despite the storm of work problems.
You accompanied me diligently between mischief and cross-legged arguments such as badminton racket, you are still accompanying and various facets and levels of genius that only I understand

Stay strong and be by my side, until our time comes.

Love Greetings to Wives and other powerful women like Wonder Woman.

Photo by Roy Reyna on Pexels.com